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  1. MissPeeps Apr 07, 2012

    Yay, I'm an aspiring member~! I don't do any art, just fanfics. Here's my AthrunXCagalli story.

  2. cagakiraasu Dec 10, 2010

    i love asucaga so much! i can't wait for the gs theatrical movie to come out-i hope there would be lots of asucaga moments in it and more cagalli action & scenes

    merged: 07-07-2011 ~ 10:51pm
    Vote for AthrunxCagalli: To all AthrunxCagalli fans, come together and vote for AthrunxCagalli on this official Gundam website! :heart:

    When you visit this website---> , you'd see a question on the left side of the page under 'VOTING'! To vote for AthrunxCagalli (????????in Japanese), click on the little circle in front of the 7th name...& you can vote for them once per day! :heart:

    Here's the question: Jul 7 is Qixi, to you who are the most representative couple that signify love that got separated but reunite? ;) :heart:


    Oh and you can also join the new AsuCaga fanclub on DA (deviantart)---> if you have an account there! :)

  3. SleepyxTunaxFish Feb 06, 2010

    It's been a while since I've lst been here! Sorry for the absence! I hope I can remember how to navigate around here again!

  4. toumarie Jan 16, 2010

    Omg Omg.... thank you soooo much thingy *hugs Liz*

    My friend told me about this, so I check it out... Thank you *teary*

  5. thingperson Nov 03, 2009

    Hey there everyone I just updated the new members I hope everyone who joins likes it here..*smiles*. I will be trying to update the walls and gallery as soon as possible thank you for being so understanding..*hugs*.

    to toumarie I love your athrun birthday work its so romantic and i love that you used pink in the work..*smiles*.

    merged: 11-04-2009 ~ 12:55am
    I updated the fanart feature with toumarie newest work because it is very romantic and she is so talented..*smiles*.

    merged: 11-22-2009 ~ 12:45am
    Hey everyone I wanted to tell everyone that I have updated the Asucaga Forum so much we have improvements everywhere that I wanted to tell everyone whos already a member and to promote the Forum to spread the Asucaga Fandom. So if you want stop by and visit or join us we would really appreciate it and it would help spread the Asucaga Love..*smiles*.

    Click on this Link or the Image below.


  6. toumarie Oct 29, 2009

    Happy Birthday to Athrun Zala 29/10/09
    I've made a new doujin for Athrun and Cagalli lovers ^^
    I love this one and I hope you'll like this too

  7. thingperson Oct 13, 2009

    Hey there everyone sorry i was away so long, i have had school and moving and health issues i have had to take care of but things are getting better and so ill be able to be back to a full time active member now...yay..thank you all for posting all your asucaga fanworks. As soon as i learned the new codes i will redo the colors of this page. Thanks to everyone for understanding..*hugs*.

  8. zzzhihi Aug 09, 2009

    Athrun and cagalli are such wonder pair... Hope that Gundam seed the movie will be release soon!

  9. toumarie Jul 15, 2009

    @andou-san :'re right...
    @SleepyxTunaxFish : great... Long time away from this group and now I got another fanfiction to read ^o^
    Thank you for sharing...
    Minna! Mite...mite...This is my new doujinshi...hope you guyz like it tee hee....
    Well, enjoy ^^

    My Newest Doujinshi : Lovely Family

  10. SleepyxTunaxFish Apr 15, 2009

    Here's another update::

  11. andou-mahoro Apr 05, 2009

    You'll find more activity at the asucaga group rather ^^;

  12. SleepyxTunaxFish Mar 05, 2009

    Eheheh... Every now and then I sign in to check on this place :)

  13. toumarie Feb 24, 2009

    LOL... I think this group is not active anymore *sigh*

  14. SleepyxTunaxFish Jan 06, 2009

    I am wishing to join this interesting looking group on Minitokyo. Here is my Fanfiction. After I submit, what do I do next? o_O Wait for approval? Does that mean someone will contact me via message or email?

    merged: 01-09-2009 ~ 09:29am
    I have updated with another chapter, in thanks to Rubenz for inspiration. This one is for you~

  15. toumarie Dec 09, 2008

    Hiks...where is everybody?

    Anyway, just drop by to post my new doujin here :

  16. HotaruZala Dec 01, 2008

    Hi guys...sorry I haven't been around lately...things have been pretty hectic around my house since the holidays started. lol I finally managed to update my two fics Zala Files and His Favorite Things, so everyone stop by, check them out, and review them pretty please!^^ lol

    -His Favorite Things -

    -The Zala Files -

    Cute doujinshi pic toumarie! Beautiful work as always! :D

  17. thingperson Oct 31, 2008

    Hey everyone im so sorry i havent updated in a while i got so busy with school and my computer keep messing up but im back now and im going to try and update as soon as possible and post as much as possible because i missed this group and everyone so much *hugs*.


  18. cagalliyulahibiki Oct 26, 2008

    has anyone have new fanfic?

  19. toumarie Oct 17, 2008

    I wonder is this group still active or not hahaha....
    Well, I made a new doujin ^^ Not Athrun or Cagalli hahahah

    My Newest Doujinshi : You are Mine

  20. selemental Banned Member Sep 30, 2008

    Hi everyone! Long time no see! No one remembers me here but I've been a member for a long time! Just stopped by to say hi and pick up a banner to put on my page! ^^

  21. toumarie Aug 08, 2008

    Quote by Dumang31Well I'm not sure who it was, but I think it was Toumarie? who suggested that I should post my colored version of my asucaga doujinsi, well here it is ^^ at last, I finally know some skills of coloring my work with a comp XD

    :) :) Really? It was me? Hahahha....sorry, kinda forget about it but I love to see you improve your cloring skill XD XD and I'm glad you wanna share your great doujin of Athrun and Cagalli here @MT XD XD XD with us, all of AsuKaga's lover ne~
    XD XD

    merged: 08-20-2008 ~ 09:47pm
    Hello everyone! How's life? tee hee...Rie is back with another doujin (it's their children XD XD)
    Well, not much to say, enjoy..hope you guyz like it ^^
    I love the Zala's twin the most tee hee since their parent is my FAVE couple XD XD XD

    My Newest Doujinshi : Yamato's, Zala's and Joule's

  22. Dumang31 Jul 21, 2008

    Well I'm not sure who it was, but I think it was Toumarie? who suggested that I should post my colored version of my asucaga doujinsi, well here it is ^^ at last, I finally know some skills of coloring my work with a comp XD

    My 3nd Doujinshi: AsuCagaLiveinColor

    merged: 07-23-2008 ~ 11:30am
    ugh sorry for spamming my asucaga works but yeah, here's another one >> enjoy!

    My 4th Doujinshi: Whisper

    merged: 07-23-2008 ~ 04:48pm
    No wait, wrong one. It's this one

    My 4th Doujinshi: Whisper

    merged: 07-24-2008 ~ 06:17pm
    Not really a fanwork, but it's very interesting!

    Balanced and fairminded you possess the ability to use sound reason and judgement when determined and decisive action is required. Persuasive and logical you tend to be an influential figure in your circle of friends and associates. You are extremely adaptable and this is necessary as you seem to be continually being presented with decisions of a life altering nature.

    You are both a visionary and a realist able to bring your dreams into a tangible form. Pioneering and ambitious you accept new challenges and the responsibilities which go with them willingly. Your sound judgement, resourcefulness and positive nature means that your progress in life is assured. Certainly your kindness and generosity to others and your inspirational manner attract success as well as many admirers.

    Very much the individual you have enormous energy and vision and must find a suitable use for your talents. You have great potential for success in business if you can guard against indecision and worry. Your generous nature means that you are never short of friends and with cooperation your relationships can be very rewarding. Perseverance and firm decision making will ensure you achieve your objectives.

    You are fairminded, wise and peaceloving and are always willing to help others. Your mental capabilities and creativity are well marked with wonderful and original ideas which you need to bring to tangible fruition. Perceptive and understanding of others your positive approach to life and influential nature means that you have leadership qualities. There is great potential for success both financially and spiritually.

  23. toumarie Jul 20, 2008

    Hi guyz, it's ToumaRie again
    @Everyone : Hope you guyz like this too and feel free to put comment on it ^^
    I present this for you Eternally-asuka-san hehehhe....

    My Newest Doujinshi : Sleeping Next To Me

  24. eternally-asuka Jul 19, 2008

    Reaching the 100! People! We can do it!

    LOL it had being a long time since i last visited this group T_T sorry.... anyway finally on vacation i am here to submit a new one-shot featuring AC! YAY! It's short tho TT_TT

    I woke up with your heartbeat Fanfic by Eternally Asuka

    Hope you guys enjoy it!

    PD: Wish i could see a scene with them like that (refering the fic) <3

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